Get a number that shows you mean business.

Using a 1300 number can give you credibility and professionalism with great flexibility and call management that will help your business grow.

Only $15 per month (Includes $5 Call Credit) No Lock-in Contract, $0 Setup Fee, No Cancellation Fee

1300 number helps to centralise your business.

Gives your business a Professional Image.

Increase Inbound Sales Calls.

Forward your calls to any Landline, Mobile, Voice-to-email, or to Anywhere in the world.

What is a 1300 number?

1300 numbers are ten – digit business numbers that your customers can call at fixed local rates from anywhere in Australia. This number acts as a single point of contact for all your business needs. It gives your business a professional appeal whilst attracting customers outside your local area. Having a 1300 number instils confidence in potential customers and makes your business appear more reputable.

How does it work?

Often 1300 numbers are referred to as ‘local call numbers’. When a call is made to a 1300 number from a fixed landline, the caller is charged at the local rate no matter their location. The cost of a 1300 call is shared between the caller and the business making it a much more attractive offer to call. A unique feature of the 1300 number is that it is designed for inbound calls only. You are charged depending on wether the call is connected to a landline or mobile keeping costs to a minimum.

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1300 numbers are virtual numbers that allow your business to operate with mobility.


Using a 1300 number will help you stay ahead of the competition, capture more leads and sales, give you the flexibility you need to run a business on the go. It allows your customers to call from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. Creates an easy to remember number to encourage more calls, tracks your promotional reach and provides data on inbound calls. From as little as $15 per month you can connect your fully featured 1300 number.
Take your business to the next level.

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1300 number
$ 15 / mo
Perfect for businesses
of all sizes.
  • Includes $5 Call Credit
  • Incoming Landline Calls : $0.12/ minute
  • Incoming Mobile Call: $0.32 / minute
  • $30.00 Minimum Top-Up With No Expiry
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Call Answering

Are you tired of missing potential client calls? Missing calls really affect new business especially in the early days when you are trying to build a good reputation. Customer experience is established when a call is answered with a human connection and taking messages on your behalf. Using our Call Answering service will do just that. For only $35 per month you can give your business that real personal touch.

Call Answering Services
$ 35 / mo
You Will Never Miss A Call Again With The Professional Live Answering Service.
  • 10 Free incoming calls included
  • $3.60 per Additional Incoming Calls
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1300 Numbers are virtual numbers, meaning they only exist in the telecommunications cloud. This means they aren’t physical, like your office phone, your mobile or your home phone. 1300 numbers operate the same as internet domain names, so the service just lives in cyberspace and you point it to your webserver where your website lives. Ok, so that’s how they technically work, from a practical point of view all you really need to know is where you want the 1300 number to connect to. Most customers just connect their 1300 number to their office phone or mobile phone – which ever is more practical to your business.
1300 numbers are specific to Australia and can only be dialed from phones within the telecommunications network in Australia. If you do need to provide a phone number for callers outside of Australia, we suggest providing a specific +61 number for this task. We can supply you a dedicated number for this that has a full set of routing options just like the 1300 number does. The services is called “Line Hunt” and is available for $20 per month. For more details on Line Hunt you can contact us.. You can connect your 1300 number to almost any international destination. Different pricing applies depending on the destination country.
Yes you can.
We provide services to stacks and stacks of Australian business people who do exactly this. We always caution people as it can get expensive, so we always recommend keeping the calls short and sweet. Just focus on collecting the caller's details and then giving them a callback from your mobile (which is probably on a cap plan anyway) or from your landline where calls will be cheaper. will be cheaper.
Yes we can, we offer the Live Answering add-on which provides exactly this feature. Pricing starts at $35 per month and includes 10 calls for the month. We will answer every call using your greeting, we will take message, grab the caller's name and number. We will then email and/or sms this through to you for you to follow up yourself. This is a cost effective way of answering your calls, saving you from needing a staff member to take your calls, and office expenses.
Firstly, lets discuss what premium numbers are. Premium or Smart Numbers are 1300, or 1800 numbers which have a particular pattern of numbers or the numbers spell a word. The ACMA make this decision. Smart numbers have a public website with a public Auction process where you can search for numbers and place bid’s on numbers. The Auction process takes a few weeks and the auction start dates and closing dates are clearly listed on their website.
Numbers that make words are called "Smart Numbers", or sometimes premium numbers. To get a number that makes a word, go to the smartnumbers website: and use the search facility to see if its available. If it is available, signup and place a bid on the number. Also allow a few weeks for the process to complete.

1300 Numbers

1300 numbers are used by 95% of our customers who advertise to the Australian consumer (Business and Individual). 1300 is well known by everyone and they associate it with business and they are used to it. 1300 is cheaper To own.

1800 Numbers

1800 numbers are in less demand, and therefore its easier to find better numbers. 1800 numbers have no free local calls. Commonly used for feedback lines, community service style services. 1800 numbers can sometimes be more expensive from mobiles (as they aren’t included in many major mobile cap plans), but free from pretty much all standard fixed lines.
No, there is no contract on any 1300 number services. We do require 30 days notice if you are cancelling your service, or if you are transferring it to another supplier.
There is no cost to cancel, however you will have to pay for any unbilled call charges, and the remainder of the billing periods monthly charge.
There are two methods of viewing your call details. 1. You can login to the PostNet account, navigate to the Billing & Settings and click on the View Reporting button . This will load up the current billing period usage and call detail listings.
2. You can find a list of each call billed at the end of your invoice.
Yes, we have some fantastic reporting tools for your 1300 number.
  • Time
  • Originating Number
  • Called Number
  • Duration of the call
  • Call Cost